Barradov Fundus Promo

The cine4net production studio is preparing the first in a series of promotional clips for the Become a Movie Star project by the Fundus Division of Barrandov Studio.

The four-part series of promotional clips is going to promote the Become a Movie Star project on the Internet. Those who are interested have their make-up done by a professional make-up artist, choose a historical costume and experience a photo shoot with a professional photographer to receive a set of custom-made photos as a gift.

The first promotional clip will depict a transformation in the style of the 1930s.
The second one will capture a transformation into a rococo lady.
The third and fourth clips will present the make-up and costume departments of the Fundus Division respectively.
26.listopad 2013


Olomoucká předpremiéra filmu Helios
se uskuteční 26.10.2021 v 18:30 hod.v Planetárium Praha
Dokumentární film Helios můžete shlédnout online na Academia Film Olomouc.
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