Dr. Burke Documentary

In cooperation with Klicperovo Divadlo in Hradec Kralove we are preparing a short documentary on the theatre production of the play Dr. Burke's Strange Afternoon, directed by David Drabek.

In making the film we have captured behind-the-scenes events in this unique production. We have taken a peek into the make-up rooms and dressing rooms with the actors Jiri Zapletal (Dr. Burke), Lubor Novotny (Widow Outechova), Ondrej Maly (Vaclav Vaclav) and Pavla Tomicova (Svatava).

The documentary, produced by cine4net, s.r.o., complements the existing video-journal, and will be introduced at the beginning of 2014.
6.listopad 2013


Olomoucká předpremiéra filmu Helios
se uskuteční 26.10.2021 v 18:30 hod.v Planetárium Praha
Dokumentární film Helios můžete shlédnout online na Academia Film Olomouc.
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