Filming Prostejov Plague Column

We've just finished filming the second part of the documentary series On Saturday 12th April cine4net film crew - Milan (producer), Ondra (director), Petr (screenplay) and Kuba (camera) - were in their home town of Prostejov to film the Marian Column in Masaryk Square. Our specialist advisor, Iva Oralkova, came along to give her support. The weather - a big question-mark for any shoot - was kind to us this time. At the dawn start we didn't let the typically frosty April morning put us off:-)

On this day we had the skilful assistance of "Master Manoeuvrer" Tomas from A.S.A. Prostejov Technical Services, to whom we are grateful that, with our camera on a hydraulic platform, we were able to get a good look at the statue of the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus on top of the column.

Of course, once again cameraman Kuba had another uneasy experience sighing "Oh well, I get stuck in the basket again" as he was lifted up to the heavens. Especially when Ondra the director uncompromisingly ordered "now we’ll have a shot of Mary from above". He foolishly thought that if he encouraged Kuba with the words "look, if you survived the hang-glider, you’ll survive anything else", it would put him at ease. Kuba just clenched his teeth and hissed "I’m looking forward to shooting fountains one day", which Ondra pretended not to hear. But they both agreed that, because of shooting against the light "they could have stood Mary with her back to the town hall"...
13.duben 2014


Olomoucká předpremiéra filmu Helios
se uskuteční 26.10.2021 v 18:30 hod.v Planetárium Praha
Dokumentární film Helios můžete shlédnout online na Academia Film Olomouc.
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