Jano Köhler Documentary

cine4net production company is currently preparing to shoot a specially written documentary film dedicated to the academic artist Jano Köhler (1873-1941). For many years the works of Jano Köhler were ignored, as half of his monumental works were part of religious structures, which the Communist regime disapproved of.

His works are currently being rediscovered (over 130 monumental pieces throughout the Czech Republic). In their time his works were very innovative, his mosaics are reminiscent of modern forms of cartoon art.

Köhler's frescos, sgraffiti and mosaics decorated many important buildings by prominent Czech architects of that period, for example Prague's luxurious Hotel Paris, Prague Invalidovna, the Stations of the Cross on Hostyn hill and the Church of St John Sarkander in Olomouc.

For his famous lithograph of the apostles Cyril and Methodius, which appeared on postage stamps, Köhler was praised by the Pope. His most famous works include the design of the logo for Hanacka Kyselka mineral water, which is in use to this day in an adapted form. His unmistakable style is beyond mere local significance and is comparable that of the best European artists.

This year Jano Köhler is to be nominated (post mortem) for a National Award for Contribution to Culture. Due to the unique technology used for their production, there is currently effort to have several of his mosaics accepted in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

In creating the documentary film our film crew is working in close cooperation with the family of Jano Köhler, who contacted cine4net, s.r.o. on the basis of previous projects. Preparations for the project are currently under way (working out the basics and finding sponsors), and filming will take place from spring 2014 to the end of the year. The project will be completed in mid 2015.
12.březen 2014


v pátek 23. června 2023 v 9:30 hod. se uskuteční v kině Metropol v Olomouci projekce filmu Helios.
Projekce filmu Helios je zajištěna v kině Metro 70 na pátek 3.března 2023 od 10:30 hod. v Prostějově.
Olomoucká předpremiéra filmu Helios
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