Shooting the Fire of Prostejov

The day after filming the Marian Column in Masaryk Square in Prostejov, on the recommendation of the specialist advisor to the project, historian Iva Oralkova, the cine4net film crew took cameras to the Baroque Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary in Krtiny. With the kind permission of local priest Mons. Jan Penaz we filmed a painting of the Fire of Prostejov for a documentary about the Marian Column in Prostejov.

The painting dates from 1723 and depicts the fire that broke out in Prostejov in 1697. The Marian Column was built in 1714. Historian Iva Oralkova pointed out the curious fact that the Marian Column can be seen in the painting of the Fire of Prostejov although there was no column in the square at the time of the fire. That’s how much we can believe historical sources:-)

As if Kuba (camera) hadn't had enough of the bird's-eye view from the hydraulic platform the day before! In Krtiny he was in for another dose of aerial acrobatics. We knew from Mons. Penaz that we might come up against some problems with the filming. We considered taking the painting down, and Mons. Penaz wasn't against this, but then he wrote to Milan (producer): "It will be a bit difficult to hang it again." We found out what a laugh Mons. Penaz was on our arrival in Krtiny. "We do not have the scaffolding with us today, so I hope these pews will be strong enough", said Kuba with a nervous sigh. Fortunately they were, and there was no shortage of acrobatics:-)
14.duben 2014


v pátek 23. června 2023 v 9:30 hod. se uskuteční v kině Metropol v Olomouci projekce filmu Helios.
Projekce filmu Helios je zajištěna v kině Metro 70 na pátek 3.března 2023 od 10:30 hod. v Prostějově.
Olomoucká předpremiéra filmu Helios
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