Sternberk Monastery Documentary

Filming for the historical project is in many respects fascinating, but also very demanding. On Thursday 25th April the cine4net production team set off to shoot a documentary dedicated to the former Augustinian Monastery in Šternberk. The traditional 6am on the spot roll-call went according to plan, even the weather was favourable, Petr (screenplay) and I had prayed that there wouldn’t be thick fog in the morning, as there had been the day before.

The former Augustinian Monastery is an extensive complex of buildings and filming in such surroundings is quite demanding,  particularly in terms of the amount of equipment (this time we had with us both camera track and a camera crane) which has to be constantly hauled from place to place. Fortunately we had the help of “grip” Jirka Močička (ensuring that we also had a good laugh during filming).

We tried to capture the atmosphere of the whole complex which, apart from a few shots, is practically empty. For example we went in search of the frescoes that had been defaced or painted over, in order to reveal to the public the renovated fresco by J.K.Handke in the refectory. It’s really sad that most of the beautiful frescoes had to disappear for the mere fact that they depicted saints.

I was also really impressed by the cellars, with their own unique atmosphere, which I hope we did well to faithfully capture. Walking through the empty spaces and the labyrinth of corridors you can’t help wondering what the monastery looked like at the height of its fame. Maybe it’s possible, within the empty space, to catch a hint of the past here and there. The best thing about the whole process of filming this project is the chance to get to places that remain hidden from regular visitors, and maybe even look at them in a different way. But don’t worry, we’ll share it with you! Viewers have definitely got something to look forward to in the future episode!

Ondra (director)
26.duben 2014


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