Videojournal for Dr Burke

Within long-term cooperation with Klicpera Theatre in Hradec Kralove we conducted a pilot project – a videojournal of preparation for the production of Ladislav Smocek‘s play Dr Burke’s Strange Afternoon directed by David Drabek.

Our crew was invited to the first reading rehearsal, we then attended rehearsals on the theatre’s main stage and finally a dress-rehearsal the day before the premiere of the play. Preparation of the production is shown in nine episodes of the videojournal, which will soon be rounded off with a trailer.

The first three episodes show the atmosphere of the first reading rehearsal where the actors got to know the script. Director David Drabek and dramaturgist Marketa Bidlasova introduce the viewer to the concept of the production and its crazy, surreal approach. Costume designer Simona Rybakova explains the choice of costumes and gives an inkling of the basic personality of individual characters.

The following four episodes give an impression of stage rehearsals. The actors get used to the scenery, props and stage layout. Under the close attention of director Drabek the cast refine many the gags with which the play is literally interlaced. The character of Dr Zvonek Burke is described on camera by Jiri Zapletal, the actor playing the leading role.
29.duben 2013


Kolega, režisér Ondřej Sovík přijal pozvání do českého rozhlasu Olomouc. V pořadu Větrník hovořil o novém filmu Helios
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