The cine4net, Ltd. product portfolio comprises of audio-visual projects which were developed on the basis of a client’s request and within an agreed financial budget. Each project, while being a unique product, goes through three creative phases: pre-production phase (scriptwriting), production phase (filming) and post-production phase (editing).

During the pre-production phase we develop the client’s required theme with consideration for the character of the subject presented and the target audience.

Within the production phase audio-visual material is obtained. We generally make a single-camera or multi-camera audio-visual recording in resolutions of FullHD to 4.5K using a RED ONE digital cinema camera recording in the uncompressed RAW format and in combination with a variety of CINE lenses. In the event of more demanding requests from our client we may also use camera cranes, camera track and steadicams. For filming we also use a specialised studio with a chroma key background. For more advanced projects we can also provide actors – professional presenters.

The post-production phase of the project involves the editorial processing of the audio-visual material. The extent of post-production work is determined by the visual quality required and the allocated financial budget. The recording is generally worked into a rough cut form before the application of special visual effects and correction. As well as producing a sound recording, at the client’s request we can also provide original musical accompaniment in accordance with laws of copyright. We apply 2D and 3D effects, animation, advanced colour correction and the possibility of chroma keying with a green/blue screen background.
Besides post-production work on our own audio-visual material we also offer the possibility of working with material supplied by the client.

advert, promotion, AV reports & PR
corporate video profiles & product video
instructional & e-learning clips
documentary films
live broadcast for Internet
rental of camera equipment
pre-production (screenplay)
production (filming)
post-production (editing)


Within the project, the cine4net production studio presents the English version of the Augustinian Monastery in Sternberk documentary.
The production company of cine4net introduces a short animated film for kids on a danger of excessive consumption of sweets and toothache. (+photo)
In cooperation with the Town of Sterneberk, the cine4net production studio is presenting a documentary dedicated to the local Augustinian Monastery.
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